2017 Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnare Results and comments

How satisfied were you with the time it took to provide your prescription and/or any other NHS services you required?

We are very happy that 78% of those surveyed were very satisfied with our timely service, indeed, 100% of our patients were satisfied overall.

As a distance selling pharmacy it is very important to us that we provide prescribed items and other NHS services, such as the collection of waste medicine from a patient’s home, within a satisfactory timeframe.

100% of our patients were satisfied with our prescription and NHS service

Chart 1

How would you rate our stock availability of your medication/appliances you need?

93% thought our stock availability was excellent or very good.

This is important to us as we like to be able to provide medication and appliances to our patients, care homes and nursing homes promptly.

Furthermore, we stock a range of over the counter medicines that we can deliver to our patients and have a card payment facility to enable our patients to pay for items over the telephone.

93% of our patients were impressed with the products and items we stock, for prescriptions or for sale.

Chart 2

How would you rate the pharmacy on how long you had to wait for your medication to be delivered?

98% thought the waiting time for your prescribed items was excellent or very good.

Here at Gees pharmacy we have dedicated teams who manage medication for our community patients, or care and nursing homes, and delivery teams who manage local and mid-distance deliveries. For the rest of the UK we use a tracked delivery service.

Our systems ensure that your medications are ordered and delivered consistently within our patients’ expectations.

98% of our patients surveyed were impressed with our delivery service

Chart 3

How would you rate the pharmacy when it comes to having someone available for you to speak to?

96% thought our availability was excellent or very good.

This is very important to us here at Gees Pharmacy, we like to think that our patients can easily contact us by phone or email.

96% of our patients were impressed with how easy it is was to contact one of our team, rating availability as excellent or very good

Chart 4

How would you rate the pharmacist and the other staff with answering any queries you may have?

98% of our patients thought our team is excellent or very good at answering their queries.

This indicates that although we are a distance selling pharmacy, we still manage to have good communication with our patients.

Here at Gees pharmacy, we like to think we are readily available to give advice (by phone, email, in our consultation by appointment) or through the new medicine service or medicine use review, or by posting information).

98% of our patients were happy with how we answered their queries

Chart 5

How would you rate the pharmacist and the staff overall?

100% of our patients thought our pharmacists and all our team here at Gees pharmacy, were excellent or very good. Everyone at Gees Pharmacy strive to provide the best service we can.

Our patients particularly like our polite and efficient delivery team (‘So nice to see a friendly face’)

100% satisfaction with the Gees Pharmacy team

Chart 6

We are very happy with this result

Taking everything into account, how would you rate Gees pharmacy?

100% of our patients are satisfied with our service overall. This covers our total service we give to our care and nursing homes, as well as our community patients. This includes our prescription ordering schedule to our audits, and also to the products that we source and supply.

Our patients particularly like the freedom and simplicity of our Biodose blister packs (which can even hold liquids).

Our patients have enjoyed medicines check-ups (medicine use reviews) with our pharmacists, either in our specially designed consultation room, over the telephone, or at a convenient location.

Our patients rated us with 100% satisfaction

Chart 7

Where we need to improve: We need to improve our communication

Many of our patients didn’t realise that we offer advice and consultations on:

  • smoking cessation
  • healthy eating and exercise
  • current health conditions

Or that we offer advanced NHS services such as:

  • The new medicine service and medicine use reviews

We can provide information over the phone, by post or through pre-arranged consultation.

Many of our patients didn’t realise we could put them in contact with other healthcare providers, such as your nearest optician or sexual health services (this is called sign-posting).

We will provide information to our patients about our services through our website, the Healthera App, our delivery drivers and over the phone.


‘Gees delivery team are so kind and efficient’

‘Thanks for the medicine check-up (with the pharmacist) it was very useful and helpful’

‘I can’t think of anything, you guys give a really good service, Thanks!’

‘I didn’t know that old medicines could be given to the drivers’ (Here at Gees Pharmacy we will endeavour to advertise this service more effectively to our patients).

‘Keep up the good work with all of your polite and friendly staff who are so reliable’

‘So nice to see a friendly face’

‘Top marks for a superb service’

‘Sometimes we get low on tablets and I have to ring up, but staff are always helpful and get things to us ASAP’

‘No improvement needed in my opinion, very good’